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Star Trek Explore New Worlds Slot

The world of Star Trek has always captivated me. As a child I loved following the adventures of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Commander Spock, Lieutenant Nyota Sulu, Dr. McCoy, Lieutenant Commander Scott, and others as they traversed space in the Starship Enterprise, encountering new cultures and threats along the way.

For me, I was exposed to Star Trek in syndicated re-runs, and found the show to be an eye-opener in terms of adventure and exploring. For those older than me the show was groundbreaking, despite it only running for 3 seasons and 79 episodes, featuring television’s first interracial kiss, and bringing together actors from all backgrounds and making them all essentially equal. While this may not seem extraordinary today, the original series took place during the 1960’s, which is seen in the United States as a period of racial unrest, as the Civil Rights movement was going on and people of different ethnicities were fighting to earn equal rights. To this end, the Star Trek series is an important cultural piece of history and holds an important place for millions of people throughout the world.

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Software Provider Background

WMS knows the pull that Star Trek has, and has developed a series of land slots based on the property in years past. The advent of online gaming has seen WMS porting these games over to web casinos, bringing all of the great features of the games along with them. The Star Trek slots are unique in that WMS requires punters to earn badges to get access to some of these titles, and Star Trek Explore New Worlds is one of these games.

Slot Machine Features

Star Trek Explore New Worlds is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot that features the following symbols: the Star Trek logo, Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, the Starship Enterprise, an alien, a phaser, a communicator, and medical device. The game’s features include a Rock Multiplying Wild, Spock Win Multiplier, Scotty Wild Reel, and Enterprise Fly By Symbol, which will result in a winning combination popping up through the reels. The game symbols themselves appear to be hand drawn, but do look very nice and give Star Trek Explore New Worlds the vintage look and feel that many punters that recall the show are looking forward to.

Game Summary

If you are looking to relive some of your classic childhood adventures with a video slot that takes you back to the future (pun intended), you should definitely give Star Trek Explore New Worlds as well as its sister slot Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles, as they both bring back that retro look and feel that are so highly prized.